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Marketing is key to any successful business or organization yet when money is tight, marketing is where many companies choose to cut back first.

In an ideal world, you'd have a full-time marketing director on staff who would set your strategy, develop and protect your brand, produce your collateral materials, manage your social media, keep your website updated, plan your events, handle the media and take care of all other related tasks so you could do what you do best---run your business.


At Red Tulip Marketing Company, we make your ideal world a reality by providing on-demand marketing solutions catered to your budget and delivered within your timeline. No big salaries to pay. No benefits or office space to worry about.


If you're a Red Tulip client, it takes just one phone call or email outlining the task you need taken care of that day, that week, that month—and you can simply get back to the business of running your business. You can rest assured that your marketing and communications needs are being handled like a pro— because they will be. 


Work with us & watch your business GROW. 

If we have learned anything from the COVID crisis, it's the importance of our businesses having an online presence like never before! Whether you need your website updated, upgraded, SEO integrated or totally redesigned with features such as an online store, Red Tulip Marketing Company can build and manage your website for a fraction of the cost agencies would charge. 


We design our websites using the dynamic WIX platform, the leading cloud-based development platform used by millions of companies worldwide. Let Red Tulip Marketing Company create a beautiful, professional web presence for your company. Promote your business, showcase your talent, or set up an online shop!  Below are a few examples of those we've built and continue to maintain. To see the full site, click on image. To see more website examples, click HERE.


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Carol Watson Greenhouse

Website design & maintenance; social media management; marketing support

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